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  1. ci-eye ci-eye Public

    An infrastructure agnostic CI build radiator

    Java 43 26

  2. clj-statsd-svr clj-statsd-svr Public

    a statsd server implemented in clojure

    Clojure 20 5

  3. tatin tatin Public

    a http toggle box -- tat in, tat out!

    Java 14

  4. ring-simpleweb-adapter ring-simpleweb-adapter Public

    ring adapter for the simpleframework web server

    Clojure 8

  5. lein2-eclipse lein2-eclipse Public

    Forked from abrenk/lein-eclipse

    A leiningen plugin to create Eclipse project descriptor files.

    Clojure 5 2

  6. menodora menodora Public

    JUnit runners for Jasmine

    JavaScript 2 1


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