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because it's not easy being green


Copyright © 2011-, Tom Denley. Licensed under Apache 2 License.

What is it?

CI-Eye is a Build Radiator that provides a clear visualisation of your continuous integration system.

Key Features

  • runs anywhere -- all you need is Java and a web browser
  • no installation -- packaged as a single executable JAR
  • no plug-ins -- talks to CI servers using their REST APIs, so no faff (and no permission) required
  • simple to set up -- configured with a couple of text files
  • multi-purpose -- talks to Hudson, Jenkins, and TeamCity at present, with plans to include other favourites
  • pictures everywhere -- identifies who checked in, and shows their ugly mug
  • aggregates information -- can combine build data from multiple sources into a single radiator view
  • mark-as-fixed -- desktop UI allows users to interact with the radiator, marking broken builds as fixed
  • super D'oh mode -- if you screwed up the world, flag a d'oh moment to let everyone know not to worry
  • buffers CI access -- a single CI-Eye instance supports multiple radiators, so your CI servers aren't hammered


The CI-Eye executable JAR file can be downloaded from googlecode downloads -- see the release notes.


Full, detailed documentation on the CI-Eye Wiki -- yes, there are screenshots there too!

Source Build Status

The latest source of CI-Eye can be found on GitHub.