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Network Next SDK
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Network Next

Welcome to Network Next!

Network Next is the marketplace for premium network transit.

It's used by multiplayer games to get better network performance for their players.

For example, Network Next is used by Rocket League and we accelerate millions of sessions per-day.

Building the Network Next SDK

To use Network Next, games integrate the Network Next SDK with their client and server.

Our SDK is extremely simple and is designed to replace the sendto/recvfrom API you already use to send UDP packets.

To get started, first visit for a guide for building the SDK on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Usage and Next Steps

Once you have built the SDK, please read started using Network Next.

We also have a FAQ which answers common questions people have about Network Next.

Finally, if you'd like to evaluate Network Next for your commercial project (whether it's a game or not), please reach out to and we'll set you up with a trial.


- Glenn Fiedler, CEO, Network Next

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