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Neubot server

This is the server of Neubot that typically runs on M-Lab servers. It is partly written in Python and partly written in Go. The Go code runs a custom NDT server and is based on the neubot/botticelli library.

For more info on Neubot in general, see

How to start neubot-server

Currently neubot-server only works on Linux systems. It should also work on BSD systems, but this was not tested. It does not work on Windows.

In order to start neubot-server you need root privileges. They are needed to bind privileged ports and to assign to user nobody read and write permissions of neubot-server work directory (/var/lib/neubot). After ports are bound and permissions are assigned, neubot-server drops privilegeds and runs as the non privileged nobody user.

Assuming you are in the root directory of neubot-server, you can simply start the server by running:

$ sudo bin/neubot-server-dev

In its default configuration, neubot-server output is quite terse; it will only print the loaded modules implementing one test each. Shortly afterwards, the server will become a daemon. You can change both verbosity and daemon behavior by specifying command line options, as follows.


sudo bin/neubot-server-dev [-dv]

Accepts the following options:

  • -d Do not demonize neubot-server.

  • -v Makes the command more verbose.

Updating botticelli

First, make sure you have set the GOPATH environment variable. I usually set it to my home directory, but your mileage may vary:


Then fetch and compile the govendor tool:

go get -u -v

Finally, update botticelli and bernini (dependency of botticelli):

$GOPATH/bin/govendor update \

You should see changed files in vendor/. Commit them and you are done.

Cross compiling botticelli for mlab

Move to the mlab branch:

git checkout mlab

Merge the master branch into mlab:

git merge --no-ff master


GOOS=linux GOARCH=386 ./scripts/get-botticelli

Commit the modified botticelli binary.

How to deploy on mlab

See neubot/mlab-neubot-support.

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