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Neuroeconomic Intelligent Decision Support System -- Neuroeconomics, Semantic Web, Multiagent, Machine Learning

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  1. FreeEEG32-beta FreeEEG32-beta Public

    as FreeEEG32 plus alpha1.5 test passed, FreeEEG32 project changed to beta version

    C 101 26

  2. FreeEEG32-alpha1.0 FreeEEG32-alpha1.0 Public

    ALPHA1.0 TEST FAILED, USE NEW VERSION INSTEAD FreeEEG32 alpha1.0 32 channels mobile electroencephalography under GNU AGPL 24 bits, 4kSPS ADCs 4x AD7770 MCU STM32F427ZI WIFI ESP-12F (ESP8266) USB CP…

    C 34 7

  3. ubuntu-xfce-vnc ubuntu-xfce-vnc Public

    Forked from ConSol/docker-headless-vnc-container

    Collection of Docker images with headless VNC environments

    Shell 17 9

  4. FreeEEG32-alpha1.5 FreeEEG32-alpha1.5 Public

    4xAD7771BCPZ 64 kSPS, ADR4525BRZ 2.5V REF +-0.02%, STM32H743ZIT6 MCU 1027 DMIPS

    C 16 11

  5. audiocraft_neurofeedback audiocraft_neurofeedback Public

    Forked from facebookresearch/audiocraft

    Audiocraft is a library for audio processing and generation with deep learning. It features the state-of-the-art EnCodec audio compressor / tokenizer, along with MusicGen, a simple and controllable…

    Python 16

  6. EEG-GAN-audio-video EEG-GAN-audio-video Public

    Jupyter Notebook 10 4


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