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Neutralinojs v4.12.0 released!

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@github-actions github-actions released this 29 May 07:53
· 44 commits to main since this release

What's new

API: window

  • Add to center the application window programmatically.

Core: configuration

  • Setting the initial window position via modes.window.x and modes.window.y integer config props.
  • Centering the window at startup via boolean config props.
  • Add config overrides for the startup window position: --window-center=<true|false>, --window-x=<int> and --window-y=<int>

Core: webview

  • Statically link the Webview2 loader library on Windows, so app developers can package their apps without including the WebView2Loader.dll file.


  • Added Unicode characters support for Neutralinojs Windows.

Update the config file option cli.binaryVersion with 4.12.0 and enter neu update to fetch this version.

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