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Neutralinojs v4.13.0 released!

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@github-actions github-actions released this 22 Jul 12:15
· 48 commits to main since this release

What's new

Core: persistent window state

Now the framework stores the primary window state in a temporary file (JSON formatted) and loads during the startup process.
This feature stores and sets the window position (x, y coordinates), size (width and height), and maximized status. This feature is enabled by default in all platforms, but app developers can turn it off by using false for the window.useSavedState configuration attribute or --window-use-saved-state internal CLI argument.

Also, the window state loading status is available via the NL_WSAVSTLOADED global variable. The framework sets true for this boolean variable if the window state was loaded from the saved configuration.


  • Fix several issues in the webview Windows code (i.e., Wait for the window close event, window style fixes, etc.).

Update the config file option cli.binaryVersion with 4.13.0 and enter neu update to fetch this version.

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