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Neutralinojs v4.5.0 released!

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· 32 commits to main since this release
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What's new

Core: events

  • Added windowFocus and windowBlur native events.


  • Use BuildZri for C++ build automation.
  • Implement a new workflow for nightly releases. Developers can get the nightly release binaries via the nightly version tag.


  • Search and dynamically load app indicator libraries on Linux. This enhancement supports Neutralinojs to start without a crash when there is no app indicator library present on the system.
  • Throw NE_OS_TRAYIER from the os.setTray function for initialization failures.
  • Fix binary file write error on Windows with the filesystem.writeBinaryFile function. This was fixed by using LF as the line breaker on all platforms as a portable solution. If the developer needs CRLF on Windows (or CR on Darwin), the developer needs to handle it explicitly with NL_OS.

Core: global variables

  • Add NL_COMMIT to hold framework's release commit. This is helpful to find the nightly release's code snapshot.

Update the config file option cli.binaryVersion with 4.5.0 and enter neu update to fetch this version.

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