Track the load progress of your Bundler-based projects
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Why stare blankly at your terminal window when you can clutter it up with awesome progress bars?

Use Bumbler to track the load progress of your Bundler-based projects! Maybe you'll find a slow gem or two.

gem install bumbler


cd rails-project && bumbler

Detailed usage for non-Rails projects

Step 1:

Add bumbler to your Gemfile if you want to use bundle exec

gem 'bumbler'

Step 2:

Add the following to your .profile, .bash_profile, .zshrc, .wtfrc or whatever shell config you use

export RUBYOPT=-rbumbler/go

Step 3:

Restart your terminal

Blammo, you're bumbling with bundler and bumbler!

Run a Bundler-based command, and you should see a spiffy progress bar, such as:

> rails c
[#########                                                                     ]
( 7/59)  492.04ms loaded data_mapper
> Bumbler::Stats.all_slow_items  #will show you the gems which load the slowest.

And then maybe you'll also want to contribute some patches to make your favorite gems load faster.

Bonus features

Custom threshold

Set the mininum number of miliseconds before something slow is listed. For example, to show anything >= 10ms:

bumbler -t 10

Track load-time of Rails initializers

See how slow your app's initializers are (./config/initializers/*), as well as the initializers for any engines you rely on.

bumbler --initializers


We don't have any integration tests with rails, so when touch rails code make sure to test it in a real app.

gem 'bumbler', path: '~/Code/tools/bumbler'

Release new version

rake bump:[major|minor|patch] && rake release


Bumbler is MIT licensed. See the accompanying file for the full text.