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Integration of OpenProject project manager in Nextcloud


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🔗 OpenProject Integration

This application enables integration between Nextcloud and open-source project management software OpenProject.

On the Nextcloud end, it allows users to:

  • Link files and folders with work packages in OpenProject
  • Find all work packages linked to a file or a folder
  • Create work packages directly in Nextcloud
  • View OpenProject notifications via the dashboard
  • Search for work packages using Nextcloud's search bar
  • Link work packages in rich text fields via Smart Picker
  • Preview links to work packages in text fields
  • Link multiple files and folders to a work package at once

On the OpenProject end, users are able to:

  • View all Nextcloud files and folders linked to a work package
  • Download linked files or open them in Nextcloud to edit them
  • Open linked files in Nextcloud to edit them
  • Let OpenProject create shared folders per project

Please report issues and bugs here:

📚 Documentation for users and administrators guide

🔨 Development Setup Guide