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NextGIS Web


NextGIS Web (NGW) is a server based application/server-side framework for geodata management. NextGIS Web (NGW) can be used on premise and in the cloud to:

  • Upload vector/raster geodata
  • Create WMS,WFS(-T) services
  • Create unlimited number of web-maps with embedded front-end application
  • Manage user permissions in detail
  • Connect and publish external resources
  • lots more.

Important links:

  • User manual
  • Installation guide
  • Test data
  • Get your NGW instance

Homepage: http://nextgis.com/nextgis-web

Documentation: http://docs.nextgis.com


This program is licensed under GNU GPL v2 or any later version

Commercial support

Need to fix a bug or add a feature to NextGIS Web? We provide custom development and support for this software. Contact us to discuss options!