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Update expected NIID paths.

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barneypotter24 committed Aug 22, 2018
1 parent 18a0a71 commit 51265a9cc02141e6f573ff827da28e25b965a7ff
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@@ -109,13 +109,13 @@ def upload_vidrl(database, subtypes):
def upload_niid(database, subtypes):
with open('data/niid_fail_log.txt', 'w') as o:
base_path = '../NIID-Tokyo-WHO-CC/raw-data/'
base_path = '/Users/bpotter/fludata/NIID-Tokyo-WHO-CC/raw-data/'
dir_paths = []
subtype_to_paths = {
"h3n2": ["h3n2/hi/2015", "h3n2/MNT/2016", "h3n2/MNT/2017", "h3n2/fra/2018", "h3n2/fra/2017"],
"h1n1pdm": ["h1n1pdm/2015", "h1n1pdm/2016", "h1n1pdm/2017", "h1n1pdm/2018"],
"vic": ["vic/2017"],
"yam": ["yam/2017"]
"h3n2": ["A/H3N2/HI/2015", "A/H3N2/MNT/2016", "A/H3N2/MNT/2017", "A/H3N2/FRA/2018", "A/H3N2/FRA/2017"],
"h1n1pdm": ["A/H1N1pdm/2015", "A/H1N1pdm/2016", "A/H1N1pdm/2017", "A/H1N1pdm/2018"],
"vic": ["B/Victoria/HI/2017", "B/Victoria/HI/2018"],
"yam": ["B/Yamagata/HI/2017", "B/Yamagata/HI/2018"]
for subtype in subtypes:
for dir_path in subtype_to_paths[subtype]:

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