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NeXus is developed as an international standard for data to facilitate cooperation in the analysis of neutron, x-ray, and muon experiments.

Popular repositories

  1. Definitions of the NeXus Standard File Structure and Contents

    Python 17 33

  2. Provides dynamically loadable (compression) filters for HDF5 that are popular for photon or neutron science

    C 13 9

  3. code Public

    NeXus API code and helper applications

    C++ 8 16

  4. Examples of (mostly) real world NeXus files to inspect, test and train reading software with.

    Python 5 7

  5. NeXus validation tool written in C (not via NAPI)

    C++ 3 5

  6. NIAC Public

    Issue for the NIAC to discuss (no code)



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