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NeXus exampledata

Examples of (mostly) real world NeXus files with which to inspect, test and train reading software.

This repository is organised so that files in directories called hdf4 are NeXus HDF4, hdf5 are NeXus HDF5 and xml are NeXus xml. (See a cursory critique of each file.) Note that some are broken files which are good for testing. Please advise us if you have difficulties with any of these files. For sure, we need more documentation here.

The files writer_1_3.h5 and writer_1_3__niac2014.h5 are taken directly from the NeXus online documentation

Autogenerated examples for all application definitions

In the autogenerated_examples/nxdl directory you will find examples of each application definition in several forms, hdf5 files and python scripts that will create hdf5 files which contain the required structure (groups/fields/attributes) for each application definition. The data used for fields is meant only to show the type of data required, not actually valid data (spectra or images) for each field, the hope is that by studying the examples it will make it easier for users to understand what they need to do in order to create Nexus compliant files for their desired application definition.

Directory contents of examples found in the autogenerated_examples/nxdl directory:

  */applications Contains hdf5 files for each definition

  */python_scripts/h5py Contains python scripts to create each definition using h5py

  */python_scripts/nexusformat Contains python scripts to create each definition using nexusformat

NeXus compliance of files

An automated analysis (via code of the files, by directory, in this repository is given in file: critique. HDF5 files that satisfy the structure:

    entry (NXentry)

are automatically identified as NeXus HDF5 file at this time.

An analysis by the program (in this repository) is available: critique


Examples of (mostly) real world NeXus files to inspect, test and train reading software with.







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