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This repository contains code for the nf-core website:

Packages used

Here's how the website is built:


To make edits to the website, fork the repository to your own user on GitHub and then clone to your local system.

IMPORTANT: The repo has git submodules, so remember to use the --recursive flag:

git clone --recursive[USERNAME]/

If you forget the recursive flag (I always do), the markdown conversion won't work. You can pull the submodules when you realise this with the following command:

git submodule update --init --recursive

Next, you'll need to build the pipelines.json file that powers much of the site. The webserver does this automatically when GitHub events trigger an update, but you'll need to run the script manually. Assuming you have PHP available on the command line, you can do this as follows:

php update_pipeline_details.php

This will create public_html/pipelines.json, which is used by the website. Note that this is ignored in the .gitignore file and will not be tracked in git history.

Optionally, once you've done that, you can grab the pipeline traffic and issue statistics:

php update_stats.php
php update_issue_stats.php

This creates nfcore_stats.json and nfcore_issue_stats.json, also ignored in .gitignore. Note that you'll need the github_username and github_access_token set in the config.ini file for this to work.

Ok, you're ready! To run the website locally, you need a standard AMP stack: Apache, MySQL and PHP (MySQL not needed at time of writing). For this, I recommend using the free version of MAMP.

Set the base directory to /path/to/ in Preferences > Web-Server > Document Root and then hit Start Servers.

I've built the site so that most of the hand-written text is in /markdown, to make it easier to write. The PHP files in /public_html then parse this into HTML dynamically, if supplied with a filename.

Note that the .htaccess file is set up to remove the .php file extensions in URLs.

Server Setup

Stats cronjob

The web server needs the following cronjob running to scrape pipeline statistics once a week:

0	0	*	*	*	/usr/local/bin/php /home/nfcore/ >> /home/nfcore/update.log 2>&1
0	2	*	*	*	/usr/local/bin/php /home/nfcore/ >> /home/nfcore/update.log 2>&1

The update_issue_stats.php script can use a lot of GitHub API calls, so should run at least one hour after the update_stats.php script last finished.

Tools API docs

The repo has a softlink for /tools-docs which is intended for use on the server and corresponds to the path used in public_html/deploy.php. This script pulls the built API docs from the tools repo onto the server so that it can be served at that URL.


Phil Ewels (@ewels) built the website, but there have been many contributors to the content and documentation. See the repo contributors for more.

Kudos to the excellent npm website, which provided inspiration for the design of the pipeline pages.


If you have any questions or issues please send us a message on Slack.

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