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#Streak Streak is a command-line productivity tool based around the "Seinfeld method"

Seinfeld revealed a unique calendar system he uses to pressure himself to write. Here's how it works.

He told me to get a big wall calendar that has a whole year on one page and hang it on a prominent wall. The next step was to get a big red magic marker.

He said for each day that I do my task of writing, I get to put a big red X over that day. "After a few days you'll have a chain. Just keep at it and the chain will grow longer every day. You'll like seeing that chain, especially when you get a few weeks under your belt. Your only job next is to not break the chain."

"Don't break the chain," he said again for emphasis.


Streak uses the Google Calendar API to maintain a calendar named "Streaks" (that you must create yourself). The calendar consists of multi-day entries titled "Streak" that are created, extended, or shortened by this tool. The idea is that you run this tool every day whenever you've done the thing that you're trying to push yourself to do. Then whenever you look at your Google Calendar you'll see your streaks and feel proud/ashamed of yourself.

##Usage Usage: streak [OPTION...] -cachefile="/home/erb/.streak-request-token": Authentication token cache file -cal="Streaks": Streak calendar name -create=false: Create calendar if missing -event="Streak": Streak event name -offset=0: Day offset -remove: Remove day from streak


	Add today to a streak (or create a streak if none exists).
streak -create
	Add today to a streak using default calendar "Streaks", creates the calendar first if missing.
streak -remove
	Remove today from a streak.
streak -offset -1
	Add yesterday to a streak (or create if none exists).
streak -offset -1 -remove
	Remove yesterday from a streak
streak -cal="Streaks Test" -create
	Add today to a streak in calendar "Streaks Example", creates the calendar first if missing.

Andrew Gerrand