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The libfreefare project provides a convenient API for MIFARE card manipulations.

It is part of the nfc-tools, you can find more info on them on the nfc-tools wiki.

If you are new to libfreefare or the nfc-tools, you should collect useful information on the project website and the dedicated forums.

Feature matrix


Tag Status
FeliCa Lite Supported
MIFARE Classic 1k Supported
MIFARE Classic 4k Supported
MIFARE DESFire 2k Supported
MIFARE DESFire 4k Supported
MIFARE DESFire 8k Supported
MIFARE DESFire EV1 Supported
MIFARE Mini Supported
MIFARE Plus S 2k Not supported
MIFARE Plus S 4k Not supported
MIFARE Plus X 2k Not supported
MIFARE Plus X 4k Not supported
MIFARE Ultralight Supported
MIFARE Ultralight C Supported
NTAG21x Supported


Specification Status
Mifare Application Directory (MAD) v1 Supported
Mifare Application Directory (MAD) v2 Supported
Mifare Application Directory (MAD) v3 Supported (part of Mifare DESFire support)


For *NIX systems

You can use released version (see Download section) or development version:

First, ensure all dependencies are installed:

  • libnfc;
  • git;
  • Autotools (autoconf, automake, libtool);
  • OpenSSL development package.
apt-get install autoconf automake git libtool libssl-dev pkg-config

Clone this repository:

git clone
cd libfreefare

Before compiling, remember to run:

autoreconf -vis

You can now compile libfreefare the usual autotools way:

./configure --prefix=/usr
sudo make install

For Windows Systems


  • cmake
  • make
  • mingw{32,64}-gcc


mingw64-cmake -DLIBNFC_INCLUDE_DIRS=/path/to/libnfc-source/include  -DLIBNFC_LIBRARIES=/path/to/libnfc.dll


In order to debug using gdb, you should tune the CFLAGS:

CFLAGS="-O0 -ggdb" ./configure --prefix=/usr
make clean all

It is then possible to debug examples using this kind of command from the root of the repository:

./libtool --mode=execute gdb examples/mifare-classic-write-ndef

If you are only interested in viewing transfert traces between the PCD and the PICC, simply use the --enable-debug configure flag:

./configure --enable-debug
make clean all