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nflverse is a collection of data and R packages designed for NFL analytics!


The nflverse is a set of packages dedicated to data and analysis of the National Football League.

Most data is stored in releases of the nflverse/nflverse-data repository, in various formats (csv, parquet, rds, qs being the primary ones). These can be accessed by any platform or programming language via the web URLs.

We also maintain a set of R packages to facilitate access to this data and apply modelling.

R Packages

  • {nflverse} helps install and update all nflverse R packages.
  • {nflreadr} provides easy access to nflverse data repositories.
  • {nflfastR} cleans play by play data and applies EPA/WPA modelling.
    • Most users will want precomputed data, via nflreadr.
  • {nflplotR} facilitates plotting NFL data.
  • {nfl4th} studies fourth down decisions with nflverse data and models.
  • {nflseedR} simulates NFL season schedules with the user's model.


In most cases you should reach out to us on Discord:

nflverse support


  1. nflverse-data nflverse-data Public

    Automated nflverse data repository

    R 131 11

  2. nflfastR nflfastR Public

    A Set of Functions to Efficiently Scrape NFL Play by Play Data

    R 391 48

  3. nflreadr nflreadr Public

    Efficiently download nflverse data

    R 49 9

  4. nfldata nfldata Public

    NFL Data (by Lee Sharpe)

    R 240 67

  5. nfl4th nfl4th Public

    NFL 4th down decision calculator

    R 16 1

  6. nflseedR nflseedR Public

    Functions to Efficiently Simulate and Evaluate NFL Seasons

    R 16 2


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