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The intention of this benchmark script is a starting of decentralized database benchmark tool. The script might be not complete in feature but slowly we can enhance it.

This repo structure ultimately still have a lot to be changed, feel free to criticize in an open opinion way or use it for your own benchmark.

Advised benchmark procedure

  • Put benchmark environment detail to {folder}/
  • Use docker container to perform benchmark, only 1 container running at 1 time
  • Install anaconda with MySQLdb + psycopg2 package to execute benchmark remotely

How to Benchmark

  1. Use similar table structure: located at {db}.sql
  2. python to generate new sql insert script
  3. python to start benchmark
  • currently have to manually edit hardcoded value to perform benchmark

To Do

  • No need to comment & uncomment benchmark.init(): to detect if exist database don't create or drop and create
  • pass argv optionally to benchmark mysql/mariadb/postgres
  • Include more features to benchmark: index, joining, disk usage
  • exclude transfer time in benchmark by passing a param: also has to make sure databases raw execute time is measuring in same way internally
  • Script or other methods to make all three database in same/similar config, this should be optional to run.
  • More database to benchmark, preferably nosql database
  • Decouple read query(q1 - q6) to another file, write query and database init query should be configurable too
  • In benchmark summary should auto populate query used or query version, script version or commit version
  • Benchmark should summarized all database summary and generate a html result with chart(preferably with JS)


  • Why using default database configuration / configuration between databases is difference:
    • This benchmark is using default configuration that comes with the docker image.
    • Time consuming to standardize databases configuration
    • Default configuration should give a basic idea on how the database performs.
  • Why missing benchmark on index, included data transfer time for benchmark, etc:
    • Is in the To Do list, however IMHO these are good to have benchmark.
  • Why run in VM which make this benchmark not so reliable:
    • Do not want to spend money to buy a physical server or cloud instances.
    • Make benchmark decentralized, everyone who had a laptop should be able to do their own benchmark instead of relying on others.
    • A rough idea on how these database performs is very important knowledge for all the developer.


This database_benchmark script is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license