@tatsuhiro-t tatsuhiro-t released this Jun 26, 2016 · 967 commits to master since this release

Assets 5
  • Add nghttp2_session_set_local_window_size API function
  • Add nghttp2_option_set_max_send_header_block_length API function (GH-613)
  • Fix warning: declaration of 'free' shadows a global declaration (Patch from Alexis La Goutte)
  • examples: Add ALPN support to tutorial client/server (GH-614)
  • nghttpx: Reduce TTFB with large number of incoming connections
  • nghttpx: Rewrite read timer handling
  • nghttpx: Clean up neverbleed AF_UNIX socket
  • nghttpx: Add --backend-max-backoff option
  • nghttpx: Use 16KiB buffer for reading to match TLS record size
  • nghttpx: Add healthmon parameter to -f option to enable health monitor mode
  • nghttpx: Receive reference of std::mt19937, not making a copy
  • nghttpx: Fix bug that backend never return to online (GH-615)
  • nghttpx: Implement client IP based session affinity
  • nghttpx: Add --api-max-request-body option to set maximum API request body size
  • nghttpx: Add api parameter to --frontend option to mark API endpoint
  • h2load: Add content-length header field for HTTP/2 and SPDY as well
  • h2load: Implement HTTP/1 upload (GH-611)