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The NHS Python Community

Welcome to the NHS Python Community for Healthcare


  1. nhs.pycom nhs.pycom Public

    The NHS Python Community website

    SCSS 50 12

  2. coding-club coding-club Public

    Python learning sessions developed by the NHSX Analytics Unit and friends.

    Jupyter Notebook 30 6

  3. nhspy-plotthedots nhspy-plotthedots Public

    We are working with the NHS-R community to develop a python implementation of 'NHSRplotthedots' SPC package to support NHSE/I 'Making Data Count' programme

    Jupyter Notebook 12 4

  4. opensource-health-statistics opensource-health-statistics Public

    Forked from nhsengland/open-health-statistics

    Statistics on open source healthcare repositories

    Python 6 2

  5. nhs-streamlit-template nhs-streamlit-template Public template

    NHS Theme for Streamlit applications

    Python 4

  6. nhs_time_of_travel nhs_time_of_travel Public

    Forked from nhsx/nhs_time_of_travel

    a collaborative open source project between NHS Python Community and Google Health, building on

    HTML 24 8


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