A todo app to demonstrate clojurescript and figwheel
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A simple app that demonstrates Clojurescript and Figwheel.

To run this you will need:

  • A working copy of Leiningen
  • A working copy of Sass
  • A recent version of Java
  • This project cloned

When you have that:

Open a command line in the todoer directory and run:

lein figwheel

You should see something like this:

Figwheel: Starting server at http://localhost:3449
Focusing on build ids: dev
Compiling "resources/public/js/compiled/todoer.js" from ["src"]...
Successfully compiled "resources/public/js/compiled/todoer.js" in 1.042 seconds.
Started Figwheel autobuilder

Launching ClojureScript REPL for build: dev
Figwheel Controls:
          (stop-autobuild)                ;; stops Figwheel autobuilder
          (start-autobuild [id ...])      ;; starts autobuilder focused on optional ids
          (switch-to-build id ...)        ;; switches autobuilder to different build
          (reset-autobuild)               ;; stops, cleans, and starts autobuilder
          (reload-config)                 ;; reloads build config and resets autobuild
          (build-once [id ...])           ;; builds source one time
          (clean-builds [id ..])          ;; deletes compiled cljs target files
          (fig-status)                    ;; displays current state of system
          (add-dep [org.om/om "0.8.1"]) ;; add a dependency. very experimental
  Switch REPL build focus:
          :cljs/quit                      ;; allows you to switch REPL to another build
    Docs: (doc function-name-here)
    Exit: Control+C or :cljs/quit
 Results: Stored in vars *1, *2, *3, *e holds last exception object
Prompt will show when figwheel connects to your application
To quit, type: :cljs/quit

When that's done, visit localhost:3449 and you should see the basic todo app. Updating files in the clojurescript source directory should immediately propagate changes to connected browser clients.

If you want to build the css, the css.sh shell script will do that. The watch.sh shell script will watch for changes and rebuild when it detects them. It can take several seconds for CSS changes to propagate to connected browsers -- not sure why.