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Couch Potato

Couch Potato is a data adapter for CouchDB, a generic server that lets you easily read from various data sources and put that data into CouchDB.


Start a couchpotato process with the url to a database, couchpotato will create this database if it doesnt exist, then listen to the database for scheduled jobs.

$ node couchpotato.js

Once the process is started, to schedule a job you write a document to the database, each job takes a custom job description which you can find documented below, this example will read the homepage every out and save the results to your local database myscreenscapes

{ "worker": "webpage"
, "ttl": 60 * 60 * 100
, "opts": {"uri":"}
, "destination": "myscreenscrapes"

There are a few common global attributes you can add to jobs, they are all optional

  • ttl - (defaults to 30 minutes) This is the time in milliseconds between subsequen runs of the job
  • destination - This is the database that the results get written to, you can specify a full url (including auth details), if you only specify a string it will get saved to the same host that the couchpotato database is.
  • opaque - This will passed through and written in the same

Screenscrape a webpage

{ "worker": "webpage"
, "ttl": 60 * 60 * 100
, "opts": {"uri":"}
, "destination": "myscreenscrapes"

This is currently the only worker written.


  • RSS reader
  • Twitter API reader (problem with oauth?)
  • Github Issues
  • POP / Email Reader
  • Foursquare / Gowalla etc