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A Mono-repo combining all of my home automation projects & configuration

See individual project's for more information of each.



Related Repos

Not all the fun gets to happen inside this repo. Here is a collection of other projects I have built that for the sake of simplicity of deployment do not live within this repo.

  • nessclient: A python implementation/abstraction of the Ness D8x / D16x Serial Interface ASCII protocol
  • miio-go: An implementation of the miIO home protocol by Xiaomi written in Golang.
  • samsungwsctl: A minimal alternative to samsungctl for controlling newer (>2019) Samsung Smart TVs
  • cf-ddns: Extendable Cloudflare DDNS Updater written in Golang
  • appdaemon-testing: Ergonomic and pythonic unit testing for AppDaemon apps. Utilities to allow you to test your AppDaemon home automation apps using all the pythonic testing patterns you are already familiar with.