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This package contains a set of tools you can use when you build your project with clang, such as:

  • A clang plugin that dumps type information clang sees into a sqlite database.
  • builddb-cc, a cc replacement script that automatically calls this plugin, and that also stores the compiler flags (-I, -D, etc) and the compilation time for every file it builds.
  •, a python script that converts the sqlite database into a tags file that's compatible with the ctags output format and can be used by vim and other editors.
  • A web interface to the sqlite database that does filename completion.
  • Hooks to give you correct autocompletion in vim.

Some assembly required

This assumes you've checked out and built clang.

  1. Build the plugin. On OS X:

    export LLVM_ROOT=$HOME/src/llvm-rw
    g++ -c \
        `$LLVM_ROOT/Release+Asserts/bin/llvm-config --cxxflags` \
    g++ -dynamiclib -Wl,-undefined,dynamic_lookup \
        -lsqlite3 complete_plugin.o -o libcomplete_plugin.dylib
  2. Build your project with builddb-cc to create the database:

    cd myproject
    # Required.
    export SOURCE_ROOT=$(pwd)
    # Optional, defaults to "clang++'.
    # If clang++ is not in your $PATH, make this absolute.
    export CLANG_CC=$LLVM_ROOT/Release+Asserts/bin/clang++
    # Optional, defaults to "builddb.sqlite".
    # If relative, it's relative to $SOURCE_ROOT.
    export BUILDDB=builddb.sqlite
    # This tool does not support incremental rebuils, so rebuild all.
    rm -rf clang/ && rm builddb.sqlite
    xcodebuild \
        OBJROOT=$SOURCE_ROOT/clang/obj \
        DSTROOT=$SOURCE_ROOT/clang \
        SYMROOT=$SOURCE_ROOT/clang \

Now you can do several things with this database;

  • Create a tags file:

    /path/to/complete/server/ ${BUILDDB:-builddb.sqlite} > tags
  • View it in your browser:

    # Start server
    cd server
    python ~/builddb.sqlite
    # In another terminal, open client
    cd client
    java -jar ~/src/closure/plovr.jar build config.js > complete-compiled.js
    open complete.html

Vim integration

If you use this fork of the clang_complete vim plugin, you get correct autocompletion in all your files if you put something like this in your .vimrc:

let g:clang_library_path = '/Users/thakis/src/llvm-rw/Release+Asserts/lib'
let g:clang_use_library = 1

let g:cr_root = '/Users/thakis/src/chrome-git/src/'
let g:cr_builddb = '/Users/thakis/src/chrome-git/src/all-builddb.sqlite'

" Return the compile flags that should be used for file |path| by
" querying the build database.
fu! g:clang_per_file_user_options(path)
  if a:path !~? g:cr_root
    return ''

  let l:path = a:path[strlen(g:cr_root):]
  let l:cmd = 'sqlite3 ' . g:cr_builddb .
      \' ''' . 'select cwd,command from gcc_build_commands join filenames ' .
      \        'on filename_input_id = filenames.rowid where name = "' .
      \        l:path .
  let l:results = split(system(l:cmd), '|')
  let l:cwd = g:cr_root . l:results[0]
  let l:flags = l:results[1]

  if l:cwd == '' || l:flags == ''
    echo 'Could not find flags or cwd for file '.l:path
    return {}

  " Filter out options that -cc1 doesn't understand.
  let l:all_flags_list = split(l:flags)
  let l:cc1_flags = []
  let l:i = 0
  let l:e = len(l:all_flags_list)
  while l:i < l:e
    let arg = l:all_flags_list[i]
    if arg =~# "^-[IDFfmOW]"
      call add(l:cc1_flags, arg)

    if arg == '-isysroot'
      call add(l:cc1_flags, arg)
      call add(l:cc1_flags, l:all_flags_list[i + 1])
      let i += 1
    if arg == '-arch'
      call add(l:cc1_flags, arg)
      call add(l:cc1_flags, l:all_flags_list[i + 1])
      let i += 1

    let l:i += 1

  return { 'flags': ' '.join(l:cc1_flags), 'cwd': l:cwd }