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Releases: nicoboss/nsz

NSZ 4.6.1

18 Dec 18:49
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Fixes MPLUS1p-Medium.ttf not found issue of NSZ 4.6 GUI

Older NSZ versions could corrupt the global Kivy configurations as reported in #154. This was fixed in NSZ 4.6. Some users where unable to start NSZ 4.6 GUI due to having corrupted Kivy configurations. This release automatically repairs the Kivy configuration. It does so by resetting the default_font property if corrupted. This fixes #164

This is a day 1 fix for NSZ 4.6. Please read at the NSZ 4.6 release notes instead to see what changed if you upgrade from an older version.

NSZ 4.6.0

17 Dec 21:38
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Major new features

  • --verify now uses file-level sha256 NSP hash validation. --verify now guarantees that the sha256 hash of the original file and the decompressed file will match and so the file is bit-identical recreated.
  • Major XCI/XCZ rewrite to support multiple XCI partitions: Specify --keep to keep all partitions including their content. By default, the content of all but the secure partition is removed but the empty partition itself are kept for Yuzu Emulator compatibility.


  • Added missing null terminator at the end of the string table. This fixes #151
  • Fixed issue with PFS0 header overlapping the first file when the --remove-padding option is used
  • Fixed some logic responsible to handle too short PFS0 header sizes
  • Fixed PFS0 header padding so it follows the PFS0 specification. This fixes #150
  • We don't want to touch the default Kivy font but instead use LabelBase to set DEFAULT_FONT for this specific application. This fixes #154
  • Added the ability to read full xci dumps thanks to @alucryd
  • Added master_key_10 key hash thanks to @seiya-git
  • Better support deleting source files. This fixes #141

Command line argument changes

  • Renamed --remove-padding to --fix-padding. This was done as this option now makes NSP padding match the No-Intro standard.
  • Renamed --keep-delta to --keep as it's no longer just used to keep NDV0 files but also to keep all XCI partitions
  • --verify and --remove-padding are incompatible with each other's. For compatibility reasons --quick-verify will be automatically used if this situation occurs to match the command line argument behavior prior to NSZ v4.6.0.

NSZ 4.5.0

01 Oct 13:12
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  • Implemented bit-identical FileEntryTable padding recreation
    • The size of FileEntryTable including any non-standard zero padding at the end is kept
    • The FileEntryTable size is kept even if NDV0 files got removed as they are by default if --keep-delta isn't specified.
      • The padding at the end of FileEntryTable will increase in this case
    • Use --remove-padding if you don't want to keep the FileEntryTable size and instead make it the lowest possible size according to the no-
      intro standard. Keep in mind that if your input is already no-intro compliant this option is not needed.
    • This fixes rare cases of non-standard NSP files not being able to be bit identically recreated due to the removal of non-standard FileEntryTable zero padding as reported by @nitro322

NSZ 4.4.0

05 Aug 10:59
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  • Android CLI support
    • To make NSZ Android compatible all uses of shared memory and locks had to be replaced with Android compatible alternatives
    • How to install NSZ on Android
      • Install "Pydroid 3" and the "Pydroid repository plugin" from the Play Store
      • Open "Pydroid 3" and navigate to "Pip"
      • Enter "nsz" and unselect "use prebuild" then press install
      • Navigate to "Terminal" to use the "nsz" command
      • The first time it will tell you where to copy your prod.keys which you should do using the "cp" command
      • Use any command line arguments you want like "nsz -D file.nsz" to decompress your game
  • Fixed #134 (OverflowError: can't convert negative int to unsigned)
    • This was fixed inside #135 (Removal of stringTable padding)
    • NSP/NSZ files with a missing stringTable padding are now handled properly
    • This fixes some rare edge cases where bit-identical PFS0 recreation silently failed
  • Updated all libraries inside the portable Windows version

NSZ 4.3.0

06 Jul 14:33
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Hotfix 07.07.2023: If you downloaded in the first 24 hours after the release please redownload. This fixes #133 (nsz 4.3.0 nsz_v4.3.0_win64_portable won't open).

  • Bit-identical PFS0 recreation to comply with the no-intro standard
    • The hash of the original NSP before compression and the hash of the NSP resulting from decompressing the NSZ will match as they are bit-identical.
    • Use the newly introduced --remove-padding option to make existing NSP/NSZ files nxdumptool/no-intro compliant.
    • Use the newly introduced --keep-delta option to keep all useless delta fragments (NDV0) during compression so the NSP (PFS0) can be recreated bit-identical during decompression.
    • PFS0 hash verification is now part of the --verify process. --verify now requires --keep-delta when used during compression or it will detect removed NDV0 fragments as errors. Use --quick-verify to skip the PFS0 hash verification. --quick-verify only verifies NCA hashes and so does not require --keep-delta when used during compression. For compatibility reasons --quick-verify will be automatically used instead when specifying --verify without --keep-delta to match the command line argument and verification behavior of previous NSZ versions.
    • This fixes #98, fixes #101 and fixes #116
  • Added console output warning about missing and invalid keys
  • Added support for pyinstaller as discussed in #119 (pyinstaller builds for macOS)
  • Added crc32 hash of master_key_0f. Thanks to @drizzt for adding it!

NSZ 4.2.1

13 Dec 22:56
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  • Implemented support for zStandard long distance mode inside the GUI.
    => This fixes an issue that causes NSZ to crash when trying to compress using the GUI
  • Close GUI window once the NSZ action got started. Not doing so was really bad design.

NSZ 4.2.0

08 Dec 22:55
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  • Resolved title-intaller compatibility with python-zstandard versions later than 0.15.2. NSZ files compressed with modern zstd versions are confirmed to work on the latest Tinfoil, DBI, AtmoXL and TinWoo. Some abandoned title-installer who havn't updated will still be broken. See #120 (zstandard versions newer than 0.15.2 break compatibility with all title installers except DBI) for more information.
  • Fixed a mistake in the FileExistingChecks code caused by specifying the wrong target file extension when calling CreateTargetDict. This fixes #123 (XCZ Source File Deleted before decompressing on the same output folder as original)
  • Fixed NSP and resulting NSZ will be deleted using --rm-source when solid compression fails. This fixes #124 (NSP and resulting NSZ will be deleted using --rm-source when solid compression fails)
  • Added crc32 hash of master_key_0e. Thanks to @16BitWonder for adding it!
  • Implemented option to enable zStandard long distance mode for even better compression as requested in #117 (Add support for the zStandard long distance mode)
  • Followed the python-zstandard author's feedback regarding flushing to fix all flushing related imperfections
  • Fixed "'Counter' object has no attribute 'write'" error when using --create. This fixes #118 (--create is broken)
  • Implemented directory expansion support for --create and improved documentation. This closes #119 (The syntax for --create is stupid and the documentation bad)
  • Clarified the plaintext rule of the NSZ file format block compression extension as discussed in #120

NSZ 4.1.0

04 Sep 17:05
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After almost 2 years there finally is a new stable release of NSZ! Sorry that it took so long. I will do stable releases more often in the future.

This version doesn't enforce the use of zstandard v0.15.2 - Please update your title-installer to the latest version to ensure it is compatible. Tinfoil, DBI, AtmoXL and TinWoo are confirmed to work. Some abandoned title-installers will still be broken. For more information see #120


Hotfix 09.09.2022: If you downloaded before this date please redownload.

  • Fixed #84 [GUI] broken input file Selection (Drag & Drop still works). This also fixes #102
  • Fixed undupe not deleting any files, added undupe support for NSX (NSP files without titlekeys) and fixed not whitelisting the first occurrence but undupe-whitelist any other occurrence not deleting the first occurrence
  • Implemented --undupe-rename
  • Adopted this tool to the standard by also skipping the content meta xml and improved the skipping message to follow the print standard
  • Fixed Verify not throwing an exemption when verification fails
  • Implemented --alwaysParseCnmt
  • Handle NSZ verification errors by deleting the corrupted NSZ
  • When verifying, show "Verifying" instead of "Compressing" in progressbars
  • Implemented --undupe-hardlink. Booth --undupe-hardlink and --undupe-rename now uses the output folder as output location.
  • Fixed #87: nsz doesn’t respect -o flag when decompressing
  • Add CRC-hash for new master keys 0b, 0c and 0d.
  • open file only for reading with 'info' command
  • set executable bit
  • Kivy finally fixed its Linux issues so we can make installing nsz as easy as never before
  • Read masterKeyRevision from either of two positions to resolve some edge cases with strange games
  • Updated dependencies in to match requirements.txt/requirements-gui.txt
  • There apparently are v0 DLCs so let's remove the safety check that prevents v0 titles to be deleted if there is an update of that exact titleId. The original purpose of this safety check was to protect base titles in case there is a titleID naming issue but is very unlikely to ever be needed. This fixes #105
  • Updated packages inside to match the new standard

NSZ 4.0.1

21 Sep 23:50
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Replaced PyInstaller with WinPython for the portable Windows release.

  • I spent a lot of time deleting every piece of the python standard library not required to run nsz in order to save storage and speed up extraction time by having less files to extract.
  • This was done because PyInstaller triggered false positive detections on Windows Defender as reported in #82
  • Tested on Windows 7, Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019

This version ONLY affects the portable Windows release. The PIP release wasn't updated as only the deployment of the Portable windows build is affected by this change.

NSZ 4.0

06 Sep 10:13
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After being in development for over half a year here finally NSZ v4.0 which brings a lot of new features. Enjoy that huge update. I will try to make more but smaller releases in the future.

  • Implemented Drag & Drop support as requested in #51
  • Implemented CRC32 key validation and added support for future masterkeys
    • Fixed the issue of master_key_0a not being recognized
    • Added CRC32 for master_key_0a
  • Windows 7 support for Windows builds
  • Improved GUI font size scaling
  • Set the NSZ GUI window to be TopMost (always on top) on Windows so Drag & Drop gets much more convenient
    • Added a setting to specify if the Kivy window should be always on top or not
  • XCI/XCZ finally extracts to folders containing the NCA/NCZ files instead of HFS0 partition dumps
  • Fixed a major XCI compatibility bug by implementing compression/decompression support for NCA files with the first section having a smaller or larger offset then 0x4000. This fixes #49
  • Added NSPZ (nsZip legacy file format) extraction support
  • Make GUI an optional install
  • Fixed #59 ncz decompression is not working
  • Cleaned up imports for nsz package
  • Stop bar manager to avoid broken shells
  • Added pywin32 as GUI dependency for Windows. This fixes #56
  • Fixed with whence = 2 (seek relative to the file's end). This fixes #64
  • Starting from within a different working directory finally works
    • Fixes the current Azure Pipeline issue
  • Added solid decompression, block decompression, solid compression and block compression tests to azure-pipelines.yml
  • Made NSZ new returning with error code 1 if there are any exceptions
  • Fixed deadlock in
  • Highly improved block decompression speed by caching the current block
  • Added Visual Studio 2019 Python Project
  • Added titleId and version to the file list and highly improved its design
  • The SelectableLabel items inside the game list now properly scales its height according to the available width and text length of the file path. This fixes #50
  • Added a multi-language supporting open source font for #61
  • Implemented input folder as output folder by default for #61
  • Waiting for Enter before exit when started over GUI so errors and console output can be seen before it closes for #74
  • Fixed install failing on Kubuntu 20.04 and a lot of other modern Linux distributions by improving for #75
  • Removed code that manipulated the XCI header size for absolutely no reason which fixes #77
  • Improved decompression speed by 400% by heavily reducing the amount of performance intensive status bar refresh calls
  • The decision if the last block should be decompressed or copied now matches the file format specifications by comparing the decompressed block size of that specific block with its compressed size. This issue was caused by missing the (unlikely) edge case that the last block can be larger when compressed without exceeding the general block size. This fixes #79
  • Improved BlockCompression performance and overall CPU usage by reducing the amount of performance intensive status bar refresh calls.
  • Ensure that the line right to the curser is clean when the application terminates
  • Implemented undupe, undupe-dryrun, undupe-prioritylist, undupe-whitelist and undupe-old-versions to remove duplicate games
  • Highly improved the missing prod.keys/keys.txt error message by not showing the stack trace and waiting for a user input before exiting
  • Highly improved
  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience.