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TKAT (Trello Kanban Analysis Tool)

A JavaScript library to analyze Kanban metrics from a Trello board.

Here is the online application.

TKAT - Cycle Times TKAT - CFD

What it is

This started as a side project for practicing functional programming using:

To make this side project interesting, I aimed to ease manual repetitive work: generating Cumulative Flow Diagram for a Kanban-like Trello board.

If you are curious about the context and Trello-Kanban stuff, I wrote a whole post about it.

How to use it

As a user, you can simply go with the online application.

If you want to run it locally, let's suppose you've got node.js and npm installed.

  • Clone the repo: git clone git://
  • Install dependencies: npm install
  • Ensure you've got brunch installed globally: npm install -g brunch
  • Run brunch watch --server to get a running application

Available commands

Basically, all brunch commands.

You will probably want to use brunch watch --server to serve the app locally.

In case of doubt, you can run npm test to check if anything is wrong with source code.

npm run lint

Lint JavaScript through ESLint.

npm run unit-test

Launch unit tests with Babel tape runner.

npm run unit-test-diff

Launch unit tests through tap-diff reporter.


That would be amazing 🤘

Please have a look at the file before you do so.


This project uses SemVer as a guideline for versioning.

That mean releases will be numbered with <major>.<minor>.<patch> format, regarding following guidelines:

  • Breaking backward compatibility bumps the <major> (and resets the <minor> and <patch>)
  • New additions without breaking backward compatibility bumps the <minor> (and resets the <patch>)
  • Bug fixes and misc. changes bumps the <patch>

Inspiration & Readings

Organisational things

Technical stuff

Copyright and License

Copyright (c) 2016 Nicolas CARLO under the MIT license.

😕 What does that mean?