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Angular 2 music browser

Using angular 2 with Typescript to call the Spotify api

Getting started

Execute the following commands to get started.

git clone
cd angular2-music-browser
npm install -g bower live-server tsc
bower install
cd app
tsc -w & live-server

I found live-server an excelent tool to have a simple live reload server for development. The typescript compile command (tsc -w) will start the typescript compiler. It will watch for any file changes (-w). Also, it will use the tsconfig.json file to read the rest of the config.

See me in action

Explanation on youtube

What's this about

This is an example project to see angular2 in action. As of now, angular2 is still in its alpha stage. So no guarantees. The api WILL change. I tried to make a 'real' app. With a small form, an api call and some html happiness.

Furter readings

I found these resources particular useful: