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Welcome to the Glances, an open-source software to monitor and collect operating system statistics.

This Wiki is the main point of entry for developers working with (or contributing to) the Glances project. If you are a simple user, please have a look on the official documentation.

How to contribute ?

Glances is developed by an awesome community. If you want to join us, please open|find an opened issue scheduled in the next release. Add a simple message in the issue to inform the community that you want to contribute. If you need additional information, do not use the Github issue form but directly the Gitter chat area.

Glances development factory uses the 'git flow' workflow. The development model is greatly inspired by existing models out there. The central repository holds two main branches with an infinite lifetime:

  • master: main branch where the source code of HEAD always reflects a production-ready state. Do NOT pull on this branch but on the develop one.
  • develop: main branch where the source code of HEAD always reflects a state with the latest delivered development changes for the next release

Please read this page.

How to test ?

Glances is a multi-platform software, so we need beta-testers. If you want to install and test the develop branch, please follow this procedure.

Glances API

Others softwares can grab Glances statistics using the following API: