Adds an MX Cloner column to Zenbu
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Zenbu MX Cloner

Adds MX Cloner support to Zenbu.

This extension for the Zenbu add-on adds a column for the MX Cloner add-on as an extra column in Zenbu.

This add-on is also a teaching aid/example for developers who wish to modify the display of Zenbu column data using the following hooks:

  • zenbu_add_column
  • zenbu_entry_cell_data
  • zenbu_custom_order_sort


  • ExpressionEngine 2.x
  • Zenbu 1.5.5+ (Get it here)
  • MX Cloner (You could run this add-on without MX Cloner, but it won't actually clone entries)


  1. Download the add-on, and rename the folder to zenbu_mx_cloner
  2. Place the zenbu_mx_cloner folder into your ExpressionEngine's third_party folder (typically found at system/expressionengine/third_party)
  3. In the Control Panel, under Add-ons => Extensions, click on the "Enable" link next to Zenbu MX Cloner Extension
  4. Enable the column display from Zenbu "Display settings" section.