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Search Hacker News with Python

from search_hn import SearchHN
hn = SearchHN()

String together methods to build queries

results = (hn
          .search('bitcoin')    # search query = 'bitcoin'
          .latest()             # return newest first
          .stories()            # stories only
          .get()                # execute search
for story in results: 
    print(story.title)          # each JSON result becomes object w/fields as attributes 
    author = story.get_author() # and helpers to get related items

Or just use the non-composable methods for quick results

>>> print(hn.get_latest_stories()[0])

{   '_tags': ['story', 'author_smacktoward', 'story_15383441'],
    'author': 'smacktoward',
    'title': 'Carrier Deployment Raises Questions About Navy’s Rash of '
             'Physiological Episodes',
    'url': ''

Get single item (story, comment, poll, etc) by ID or username


Example of how to turn the items returned by a query into a plaintext file, one item per line

Check out the source to see available methods or for more examples - better docs soon