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Kudos - A simple like button that can be self-hosted

A circle with a number below it

Kudos is similar to a like. By simply hovering over the button for a couple of seconds, a counter is inreased. Example


  1. Download kudosplease.min.js and kudosplease.css from the frontend folder
  2. Embed CSS and JS on your website
    <script src="kudosplease-min.js"></script>
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="kudosplease-min.css">
  3. Create the widget: <div class="kudos" data-amount="0" data-url=""></div>
  4. Create the JS object:
    new KudosPlease({
     el : '.kudos',
     duration : 1500,
     persistent : true,
     status : {
       alpha: 'fontelico-emo-shoot',
       beta: 'fontelico-emo-shoot',
       gamma: 'fontelico-emo-beer'


You need to change the API endpoint stored int the JavaScript. Simply search kudosplease.min.js for and replace it with your API endpoint.

Kudos requires a redis database that stores the state.

Building the binary is easy: go build -o kudos .

Usage of ./kudos:
  -admin-port string
        Admin listen port; Provides metrics and debugging (default ":8081")
  -port string
        Listening port (default ":8080")
  -redis-address string
        redis host and port (default "localhost:6379")
  -redis-db int
        redis db to use
  -redis-password string
        redis password


From source

go build main.go

Contributors / History

I really liked but their backend was really slow making it unusable, so I wrote my own.

Thanks to Tim Pietrusky for creating kudos and publishing it under OSS.

Roadmap / Ideas

  • Ensure compatibility with different frontends for example Get Claps whose frontend is even closer to a like button.