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Framework for testing any Anti-Cheat
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Framework to test any Anti-Cheat on the market. This can be used as Template or Code Base to test any Anti-Cheat and learn along the way. All this code is the result of a research done for Recon2019 (Montreal).

Twitter: @Niemand_sec

More info: Personal Blog

  • Description for each module can be found on each folder.
  • Modules can be used together or separated.
  • Cuztomization should be simple due to the modularity of the code.


Most of the settings can be done by using config.ini file, however, some modules may require particular settings on the code, depending on your intentions.

Remember to change location of config.ini file at CheatHelper/CheatHelper.cpp (variable configFile)

Modules (more coming in the future)

  • CheatHelper
  • DriverDisabler
  • DriverHelper
  • DriverTester
  • HandleElevationDriver
  • HandleHijackingDLL
  • HandleHijackingMaster
  • LuaHook
  • StealthHijackingNormalDLL
  • StealthHijackingNormalMaster

About this Project

All this code is a result of the Researching presented at Recon 2019 with the call "Unveiling the underground world of Anti-Cheats".


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