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@@ -9,17 +9,24 @@ It makes MongoDB scripting easy and represents yet another MongoDB shell.
## Quick Start
-**Step 1:**
-An easy way to get and update the package is
+**Step 1:** Get and install *Mdbc*:
+An easy way to get and install is the PowerShell module
+ Import-Module PsGet
+ Install-Module -NuGetPackageId Mdbc
+Alternatively, to get the package without installation use
[NuGet.exe Command Line](
NuGet install Mdbc
-Alternatively, manually download and unzip the latest package from
+Alternatively, manually download and unzip the package from
-Copy the directory *Mdbc* from the package to one of the PowerShell module
-directories (see `$env:PSModulePath`). For example:
+In the last two cases copy the directory *Mdbc* from the package to a
+PowerShell module directory, see `$env:PSModulePath`. For example:
2  Scripts/Mdbc.ps1
@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@
.Parameter ConnectionString
Connection string (see the C# driver manual for details).
- The default is "." which stands for "mongodb://localhost".
+ The default is "." which is used for the default C# driver connection.
.Parameter DatabaseName
Database name or wildcard pattern. If it is not resolved to an existing
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