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The Share to Nightscout bridge copies your CGM data from Dexcom web services to a Nightscout website. The bridge runs continuously, periodically querying Dexcom's Share web services for new CGM data. The bridge relays any new data to a Nightscout website (cgm-remote-monitor) via the REST API. The website then stores the data in a Mongo database.

If you have not yet, please read the README for more information.


  • A working Dexcom Share2 receiver paired to an Apple device that is successfully uploading data to Dexcom. You must be able to see the Dexcom data in the Dexcom Follow app for the bridge to work.
  • Your Dexcom Share2 credentials
  • A working Nightscout website and Mongo database

Azure vs. Heroku?

Deploying the bridge to Azure makes sense if you already have a Nightscout website hosted on Azure that you plan to dedicate to the bridge. You should not use a Nightscout website that that uses CGM data uploaded from the Nightscout Android uploader, unless you plan to discontinue using the Nightscout uploader.

On Azure, the bridge is configured as a webjob for your Nightscout website via the Azure Management Portal. For good webjob performance, your website should be set to "Always On" which requires the "Basic" web hosting plan. The Basic plan will cost about $50 per month, but you can eliminate this cost for several months if you have signed up for an Azure Pass through the Nightscout Foundation.

Deploying the bridge to Heroku makes sense for users who want to avoid paying for a "Basic" web hosting plan through Azure, as well as for Share users who do not have an existing Nightscout website. On Heroku, the bridge runs as a standalone app that forwards the CGM data to your Nightscout website. Your Nightscout website can be hosted anywhere including Azure and Heroku. The bridge should not incur any monthly charges running on Heroku when configured to use a single Heroku dyno.

Updated: On Heroku, dynos are now $7/month if they run all day (24/7). Free Heroku dynos must sleep for 6 hours a day.

Deploy to Azure

Deploy to Azure

Deploy to Heroku

Deploy to Heroku


How do I update share2nightscout-bridge? See Updating for how to update.