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i3 configuration to play well with KDE Plasma Desktop

Note: I also posted it here with a relevant and up to date screenshot.


Make i3 the default window manager for KDE

First you have to create the i3 launcher:

echo "export KDEWM=/usr/bin/i3" > ~/.config/plasma-workspace/env/set_window_manager.sh

Then you have to start (or restart) KDE by choosing "KDE Plasma Desktop" in your login screen, if you have one.

I would try it with an empty i3 configuration first, see if it works properly, then proceed to installing the configuration.

Install the configuration

  1. Clone this repo: git clone https://github.com/nightsh/i3-plasma.git $HOME/.i3-plasma
  2. Make sure you have:
  • a $HOME/.local/bin directory: mkdir -p $HOME/.local/bin
  • a $HOME/.i3 directory: mkdir -p $HOME/.i3
  1. Symlink:
  • the config: ln -s $HOME/.i3-plasma/config $HOME/.i3/
  • the scripts: ln -s $HOME/.i3-plasma/.local/bin/* $HOME/.local/bin/
  1. Start or restart i3


Recommended software used in the config / scripts:

  • nitrogen (for wallpaper)
  • fswebcam (for camshot script)
  • synclient (for toggle_touchpad script)
  • xcompmgr (for compositing)
  • custom lock screen needs:
    • i3lock
    • scrot
    • convert (imagemagick)

KDE things:

  • spectacle
  • konsole
  • dolphin
  • kcalc

Misc software:

  • chromium / firefox
  • emacs / nvim
  • thunderbird