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a simple extension to help developing addons and themes for firefox
JavaScript AutoHotkey
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press F1 anywhere to start lightweight inspector (can be changed using options dialog)

Numpad1 show/hide attributes

Numpad3 toggle between inspecting event.otiginalTarget/

Numpad4/6 previous/next inspected node

arrows navigate dom

Ctrl+Delete remove node

Numpad5 open domInspector

Numpad7 open domMirror (built in dom inspector)

Numpad8 open Firebug


foxiMirror adds edit: protocol allowing to edit any file inside browser with ace editor ( try edit:c: )

using the following js snippet

$shadia.editGlue.setDataSource("source", function(path, query, ext, editGlue){
    editGlue.contentType = 'text/xml' // use this if you need to override automatic contentType based on ext
    return xmlCode

it is possible to load any text into url edit:@source`path.ext?query#index with chrome privileges

note: edit: uris can be loaded only from browser chrome and are not accessible to web content


allows to run javascript in any scope. press: Shift+Enter to create new cell Ctrl+Enter to evaluate selected text or current cell Ctrl+Shift+Enter to do previous and print properties of the result Ctrl+Space|Alt+.|Ctrl+. to start object inspector

jsMirror adds jn object into evaluation context (try jn.say, jn.getParent jn.Ctrl+Space to see all methods)

note: since code is evaluated in window scope, without sandbox, it is better to use jsMirror only for trusted pages, use Acebug to run code in arbitrary webpages


allows to view all registered chrome: locations and


better replacement for DomInspector, allows viewing dom structure of any open document (most useful for xul); xbl bindings, event listeners and css rules for any node ability to search through all the css rules in document ability to search nodes in document using xpath

TODO editable css rules, infotip


simple xul editor with live preview and autocompletion. unlike xulPlayground uses edit@xulMirror` which allows to quickly test bindings and overlays


allows to add stylesheets with (like stylish)

TODO edit any stylesheet




simple autohotkey script to show magnified and pick colors

in development: version for windows using ctypes

on Mac shortcuts use Command instead of Controll

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