a React Native starter powered by dva and react-navigation
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A React Native starter powered by dva and react-navigation


npm install dva-native-cli -g
dvanative git app
cd app
react-native run-ios # or react-native run-android

Great thanks to @xuan45 for his cli tool dva-native-cli, check that project for more information.


The builtin router of dva (not react-router v4), doesn't support React Native, we have to integrate other router components, such as Navigator, ExperimentalNavigation, react-native-router-flux and react-navigation. Since the former two will be depreciated in flavor of react-navigation, which is also be recommended by official, so I choose it to be the navigator.

In this starter, I provide a router model to control the default action flow of react-navigation to workaround a known issue. If you don't need this, the integration will be much simpler, you can simply remove the router model and pass routerReducer to extraReducer of dva extraReducers: { router: routerReducer }. Read Redux Integration and dva's API for more information.

Also there is another workaround for a missing feature https://github.com/react-community/react-navigation/issues/232, so I use two StackNavigators to contain the screens with different transition animations, you can create you own transition animations via transitionConfig, see https://github.com/react-community/react-navigation/pull/99