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Now obsoleted, superseeded by haacked, never finished attempt at building a git tree visualizer
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Git Demo Viewer

Code dump of one of my hacks. A git tree vizualiser. Never finished, severely lacking in features. Built using libgitsharp, QuickGraph and Graphsharp.

Phil Haack created a very similar but much less hacky visualizer (blog post, github) and you should head over there instead. His code looks better in every way, he even got the name right. Hopefully this repo can be of some use to some one wanting to play with libgitsharp and/or the graph libs.


Start it up, point it to a git repo and press F5 to have it refresh the changes in the git repo. Refreshing doesn't remove dangling commits (useful for showing what happens in a rebase scenerio for example). Ctrl+F5 reloads the entire graph.


  • Branch-refs (origin/HEAD -> origin/master instead of pointing at commit if in sync)
  • Auto-refresh (filesystemmonitor?)
  • Horizontal graphs
  • Optimize AddCommit, it recurses on each commit now, it's really not neccesary.
  • Custom graph layout? We can assume quite a lot due to the git conventions so we should be able to make a nice graph quite easily.
    • Would allow us to position branches better to more clearly illustrate that they point to a commit
  • Limits/ranges (ie, show only commits based on x) -- for reducing clutter when demoing
  • Color coding based on hash? Could make it easier to see when dealing with few commits.
    • We could just do assignment for each new sha we see so that it isn't random. Keep a palette of good contrasting colors and assign them on the fly.
  • Options
    • Show full/abbrevated hash
    • Include author
    • Hide message
    • Include relative date?
    • Keep dangling commits
      • Good for teaching, illustrate that just because you remove a commit it's not gone, it's still there.
    • Always-on-top
    • Show reflog?
  • Presentation mode?
    • Always on top
    • Hide window borders, make it compact
    • Auto zoom to "the action" ?
  • Hover highligting, notes and edges
  • Hover detailed info
    • In popover?
  • (teaching mode)? follow the concepts of pro-git (see and name the nodes c0, c1, c2 and so on (based on date?) for more compact viewing when demoing
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