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PinePhone Fedora Setup

A collection of scripts that correctly sets up Fedora to run off your PinePhone SD card. Soon to be part of the Fedora Mobility SIG.

🚨🚨🚨 WARNING! 🚨🚨🚨

This is a barely tested collection of scripts written by someone who has never written a bash script for other people to use! It involves the dd command and sudo. This is VERY DANGEROUS - please do not run it unless you have read and fully understood what it will do. Better yet, read the scripts to learn how to install the image manually.

For prebuilt images, see the releases page. All images after Nov 2020 were built by @Torbuntu.


  • wget
  • xz
  • btrfs-progs (for mkfs.btrfs)
  • dosfstools (for mkfs.vfat)
  • rsync
  • uboot-tools (for mkimage)
  • qemu-user-static (for qemu-aarch64-static)


  1. Edit .env with your own variables.
  2. Run bash then sudo bash Verify the information presented whenever it asks you to confirm.


  • Run all scripts other than as root, and from this ( directory! Do not directly run anything in the phone-scripts folder! Those scripts are, as the name suggests, executed on the phone.
  • If a script fails midway through, some things may still be mounted. sudo ./ will attempt to unmount everything.