Building a simple raytracer: step-by-step from scratch; zero dependencies; 100% pure C++
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Let's Build a Raytracer, From Scratch

Final render animation

This repository contains code, assets, and presentation slides from an introductory course on raytracing.

Note: This repository will NOT accept pull requests.

Presentation slides

  • Based on revealJS
  • Best viewed in Chromium browser at 1024x768
  • The version in this repo requires internet connection to load JS dependencies

first slide


This course is certainly not perfect. One known "issue" is that the Phong-like illumination model does not have a correct diffuse component, although this is not immediately noticeable.


The code is split into "levels" which follow the structure of the course. Each level introduces a new concept and builds on the foundation of the prior levels.


  • The course slides are under CC-BY-NC license.
  • Original non-content sources are MIT-licensed.
  • The course builds upon third-party elements (frameworks such as reveal.js, libraries such as MathJax, fonts etc.). Each such element may have its own license.