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Hi! Welcome to my "office hours" repository.


If you want to sign up for some help, make your way to the appropriate markdown file, find an available slot, and open a PR that adds your name:

I'll add more months if this works out well. =)

What is this?

Every week, I have a few "open slots" that I reserve to help people work through problems that they are having with their Rust programs -- no problem is too big or too small! My goal with this is obviously to help people, but also to gain some insight into what kinds of things people find difficult about Rust, so that we can improve those things. So, if you are a Rust user -- beginner or advanced -- and you have a problem, you should sign up!

The procedure

If you want to sign up, all you have to do is to open up the appropriate Markdown file -- there is one per month. Find an available slot and make a PR that adds your name. I'll try to merge PRs roughly in the order they arrive, first thing in the morning. When the time comes, we will be meeting in my room. I plan to add new months towards the end of each month.

Confidentiality. I will take notes on the problems that you bring to me. I may write blog posts about some of my observations, though without personal details. I would love it if you can make available sources or links. If however you want to bring a problem where the source is private, that's fine too.

Experience levels. Some of the slots are marked with experience levels -- for example, some slots are designated for beginners. Please try to pick a suitable slot for the level of your problem.

No slots left? Sorry, I wish I had time for everyone. I would however recommend checking out the Rust users board. Lots of friendly and knowledgable folks there. If you prefer synchronous chat, there is also #beginners on the Rust discord and #rust-beginners on Finally, check out the rust-learning repository, which has an encyclopaedic listing of stuff.

No guarantees. Sometimes last minute things come up and I have to cancel. I'll try not to, though!

Who I am

I'm @nikomatsakis, a member of the Rust core, language, and compiler teams. I've been working on Rust for the last 7 years or so. I like it and I hope you will, too!