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Fontomas - iconic fonts scissors

Run right now in your browser! This tool helps to combine iconic webfonts for your project. With fontomas you can:

  1. make a limited symbols subset, with reduced font size
  2. merge symbols from several fonts to single file
  3. access large collections of professional-grade open source icons

Now it's trivial to customise fonts for your needs with 3 simple step. At first, you select needed symbols on source fonts. Then rearrange those on destination font. After that, you can download SVG font and make webpack via fontsquirrel generator or other services.

(*) Currently we support loading only SVG fonts & Cufon files. Other formats will be available, when we implement server-side scripts.

Embedded Fonts

For your convenience, Fontomas comes with wonderful embedded iconic fonts:

  • Entypo by Daniel Bruce [rescaled to ascent/descent] (CC BY-SA license)
  • Iconic by P.J. Onory (SIL OFL)
  • Web Symbols by Just Be Nice studio (SIL OFL)

See details on fonts homepages. Of cause, you can add more fonts if you wish.




Fontomas code (all files, except fonts) is distributed under MIT licence. See LICENSE file for details.

Embedded fonts are distributed unter their primary licences (SIL OFL / CC BY-SA). See section Embedded Fonts above for credits & links to fonts homepages.

Generated fonts are intended for web usage, and should not be considered/distributed as independed artwork. Just imagine, that Fontomas is fonts archiver. Please, credit original fonts authors. Credits to Fontomas not required :)