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Work summary

  • Course metrics dashboard:

    • Develop metrics and visualizations to present and compare
      • course structure,
      • enrollment and retention,
      • students’ engagement and learning pattern etc. for edX instructors and administrators
    • Streamline and automate the process of data import, data munging and visualization in creating dashboards for various courses
  • Customized reports:

    • Automated
      • Daily reports for enrollment, unenrollment and verification
      • Weekly reports for students’ activity: nactive, nvideo_views, nproblem_attempts, nforum_posts
      • Weekly report for up-to-date # of registration, verification and revenue
    • Mobile analysis:
      • % light mobileApp/mobile users and % frequent mobileApp/mobile users by course, age, country and learner type
    • List of email addresses for all the students enrolled in UBC edX
  • Research analysis:

    • Forum analysis: Analyze and compare students’ participation in the forum for 3 iterations of Climate after changing the way TAs are involved in the discussion
    • Map assignments – before and after analysis:
      • After assigning students into regional and global for map assignment, analyze and compare students’ engagement before and after finishing the first map assignment.
    • Survey analysis (currently excluded from course metrics dashboard due to lack of data for all the courses):
      • main reasons taking the course
      • if goals are met
      • which components are satisfied
      • likely to recommend
  • Data export and preparation for instructors: 10%

    • PHYS100-98a and UseGen: PI data export and analysis
    • PSYC101: Data export and mapping
    • Phot1x and CPSC110: Forum data
    • CPSC210: Problems attempts for each student
  • edx2bigquery:

    • Maintain the pipeline transforming and converting unstructured data from edX to structured data in Google Bigquery
  • A4L:

    • Data validation and verification
    • Create baseline reports for evaluation of A4L
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