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Weather Display

This page is a small, HTML- and JS-only, website to show basic weather information for a sailing spot in southern germany.



The API key must be provided using the URL hash, like


Custom Position

When using this site for any other spot, please set the position argument in the URL:


Please note that this will not change the rain and lightning maps as they are a bit of a hack and not using proper slippy maps.

Related Projects

https://github.com/nils-werner/raspi-dashboard is a dashboard for Arch Linux that automatically boots into a browser.

https://github.com/nils-werner/raspi-overlayroot is a method of mounting your root filesystem read-only, so unplugging power doesn't corrupt your filesystem, or your SD card doesn't wear down after a few months.


An example of this site can be found on http://nils-werner.github.io/owm-display/

Obviously you need to provide your own API key.