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Personal authorization server implementing the IndieAuth federated login protocol.
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Login to services using your own website.

Inspired by the IndieWeb movement I wanted to build a well-tested personal authorization server that implements the IndieAuth protocol.


Deploy your own authorization server using

  1. Remix my Glitch app.
  2. Complete the .env file configuration.
  3. Within the <head></head> portion of your personal site's html:
    • Add <link rel="authorization_endpoint" href=""> to make authorization endpoint discoverable.
    • Add <link rel="token_endpoint" href=""> to make token endpoint discoverable.
  4. Test logging into a site, for example


  1. Remix or git clone this project.
  2. Use command npm test to run tests. Or npm test -- --watch to start the tests in watch mode.


Project is licensed under AGPL-3.0.

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