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LANTorrent can't be installed without an Internet connection #57

priteau opened this Issue June 07, 2011 · 4 comments

2 participants

Pierre Riteau John Bresnahan
Pierre Riteau

With the new version of LANTorrent "repackaged to be more pythonic", it is not possible to do an installation without Internet anymore. The installer tries to fetch Python libraries, like simplejson 2.1.

We need some mechanism to embed the libraries, like it was done with cumulus.

Pierre Riteau

We're almost there. With John fixes from yesterday (thank you!) and my commits from today, almost everything is working.
I see two remaining issues:

  • the generated xinetd file is wrong
    • @LANTORRENT_HOME@ is not expended
    • it refers to instead of ltserver
  • the documentation needs to be improved to cover the installation in a virtualenv
John Bresnahan buzztroll referenced this issue from a commit June 14, 2011
John Bresnahan patch for GH-57 83842bd
Pierre Riteau

This is now fixed, thank you John.

Pierre Riteau priteau closed this June 21, 2011
Pierre Riteau priteau reopened this July 06, 2011
Pierre Riteau

I'm reopening this issue to remember to update lantorrent/README.txt with the installation instructions we added to the admin reference guide.

Pierre Riteau

Fixed in d3691d5.

Pierre Riteau priteau closed this July 12, 2011
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