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UIWebView progress interface
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NJKWebViewProgress is a progress interface library for UIWebView. Currently, UIWebView doesn't have official progress interface. You can implement progress bar for your in-app browser using this module.

iOS ScreenShot 1

NJKWebViewProgress doesn't use CocoaTouch's private methods. It's AppStore safe.

Used in Production


  • iOS 4.3 or later
  • ARC


Instance NJKWebViewProgress and set UIWebViewDelegate. If you set webViewProxyDelegate, NJKWebViewProgress should perform as a proxy object.

_progressProxy = [[NJKWebViewProgress alloc] init]; // instance variable
webView.delegate = _progressProxy;
_progressProxy.webViewProxyDelegate = self;
_progressProxy.progressDelegate = self;

When UIWebView start loading, NJKWebViewProgress call delegate method and block with progress.

-(void)webViewProgress:(NJKWebViewProgress *)webViewProgress updateProgress:(float)progress
    [progressView setProgress:progress animated:NO];
progressProxy.progressBlock = ^(float progress) {
    [progressView setProgress:progress animated:NO];

You can determine the current state of the document by comparing the progress value to one of the provided constants:

-(void)webViewProgress:(NJKWebViewProgress *)webViewProgress updateProgress:(float)progress
    if (progress == NJKInteractiveProgressValue) {
        // The web view has finished parsing the document,
        // but is still loading sub-resources

This repository contains iOS 7 Safari style bar NJKWebViewProgressView. You can choose NJKWebViewProgressView, UIProgressView or your custom bar.



pod 'NJKWebViewProgress'


MIT license.

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