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## Installation
-Add the following to your [Cake]( project.clj:
+Add the `clojure-protobuf` to your [Cake]( project.clj:
- :dependencies [[clojure-protobuf "0.2.4"]]
- :dev-dependencies [[clojure-protobuf "0.2.4"]]
+ :dependencies [[clojure-protobuf "LATEST"]]
+ :dev-dependencies [[clojure-protobuf "LATEST"]]
:tasks [protobuf.tasks]
-This code works with Clojure 1.2. Here's the [1.1 branch](
+You should probably replace `"LATEST"` with whatever the latest version is, but I'm going to forget
+to update this every time I bump the version, so I'm not going to put an actual number here.

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