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Converts YouTube XML Annotations to ASS subtitles
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Code to download and convert Youtube XML annotations to ASS format

Details about the ASS file format can be found at:

This conversion script tries to maintain:

* Correct timing and text
* Font colour and background colour (can be improved)
* Positioning and width of subtitle text around the video

Positioning is hard to translated into ASS format because it uses Margins
instead of x/y and there's very little control over vertical spacing.

* Support languages other than English
* Try to use ASS Picture Event lines to create transparent text boxes
* Use ffmpeg to mux the audio/video/subtitle streams into mkv
* What about automatic captions?
* More that I'm forgetting.

Released under the CC-0 License

No code references were used while writing this parser, hence it's free of
derivative licensing problems.

Created for use by youtube-dl:
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